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Welcome to Spoiled in Sonoma; a blog and video journal all about fermented food and beverages in Sonoma County. I’ve lived in Sonoma County for over a decade and think I know my area pretty well. I am well-versed in the wine and restaurant industry, I know all the best hiking and leisure spots, and I am a frequent visitor of the local farmer’s markets. What I don’t know much about is the booming Fermentation and Preservation industry that’s here! Of course we ferment wine. Everyone knows that. But did you know about all of the creative food and beverage producers that are making beer, cider, kombucha, tempeh, cheese, breads, and of course, pickled everything! There are so many things to taste and so many talented people to meet that I have made it my mission to fully immerse myself in the fermentation industry in Sonoma County, become an expert, and share my journey with you along the way. I want to learn it all and leave no stone unturned. Follow Spoiled To Perfection on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook and let us know what you want to see and learn about!

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