Monthly Archives: October 2015

Fermented Desserts For The Fall

With Halloween just a few days away, I can feel my sweet tooth kicking in! However, candy isn’t really an option for me (I love it, it does not love me). I know plenty of moms and dads who refuse to let their kids eat candy for both health and dietary reasons. So in the […]

Strange Pickled Foods From Around The World

As Americans, we are pretty accustomed to pickled foods. We branch out, and eat more than just pickled cucumbers. Kimchi is really popular here, and we love pickled vegetables. Some of us even eat stranger pickled items like pickled eggs. You wouldn’t believe some of the foods that are pickled around the world that are […]

Spirit Works Distills With Music

Something is a brewing at Spirit Works Distillery in Sebastopol, CA. Yes they make gin, whiskey and vodka, but they’ve brewed up quite the science experiment as a side project. The staff calls it the “Music Barrels.” I call it fascinating! They are encouraging maturation with vibration through sound! The owner of Spirit Works, Timo […]