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Welcome to Spoiled To Perfection, the food web series that unlocks the magic behind food preservation techniques such as pickling, fermenting, curing, salting and curdling. Each episode features four segments celebrating fermented foods. Fermentation Road features last season's host, Garrett Martin. Martin explores the North Bay's fermentation scene, highlighting a local food or beverage purveyor. Fermented Science is an animated series with last season's guest, Jennifer Harris. Jennifer explains how the world of science and food preservation combine. In Spoiler Alert, hosts Brian Cary and Emily Somple deliver the latest news on all things pickled and fermented. Food stylist and home fermenter, Joanna Badano invites us into her home to create unusual recipes in Spoiled Kitchen. Join us as we explore the how-to's and the do's and don'ts of making cider, craft beer, kombucha, cheese, bacon, pickled vegetables and more!


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