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Welcome to Spoiled To Perfection, the fermented food and beverage channel bringing you all things preserved. Spoiled To Perfection features web series’, how-to’s, blogs and recipes that unlock the magic behind food preservation techniques such as pickling fermenting, curing, salting and curdling. Each segment of our web series is hosted by Sonoma County natives exploring innovative and historical ways of using fermented and pickled foods and beverages.


Season 4

Watch the latest season of Spoiled To Perfection as we explore the world of food preservation. This animated series is written and narrated by Emily Somple with artwork by Steve Rustad.

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Season 3

Follow our animated series “Fermented Science,” as we take you through the magic of fermentation and other food alchemy, written and narrated by Emily Somple, artwork by Valerie Valdivia and animated by Chris Vanderschaaf.

Season 2

Season 1

Sonoma County

Duskie Estes and Garrett Martin in the kitchen at Zazu Kitchen cutting board with cheese apples grapes olives and persimmions Jennifer Harris and Garrett Martin with pickled carrots
Joanna Badano sauteeing cherry tomatoes Garrett Martin and son in the Spoiled to Perfection kitchen with carboy and grape juice concentrate bottles of Sonoma Brothers Distilling Vodka Whiskey and Gin
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