Episode 5
Sonoma Brothers Distilling whiskey and vodka bottles on table with glasses

Sonoma Brothers Distilling

Twin brothers, Chris and Brandon Matthies are the brains and braun behind Sonoma Brothers Distilling, a Sonoma County based artisan distillery in Windsor, CA.

The distillery is sandwiched between other small-batch booze makers in what is now called Artisan Alley, an industrial warehouse building that houses small wine producers, cider-makers and distillers. Chris and Brandon stay true to the "Grain To Glass" method of distilling. There are easier, and even cheaper ways of distilling, but the Matthies brothers have never been ones to do things the easy way.

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Recipes and more!

Aging In Barrels | Sonoma Brothers Distilling

Join Garrett Martin and The Sonoma Brothers as they discuss the ins and outs of barreling spirits. Chris and Brandon explain the effects that oak barrels have on flavor and color, as well as how time effects labeling of certain types of alcohol.

Arnold Holstein Copper Pot Still | Sonoma Brothers

The Sonoma Brothers use an Arnold Holstein Copper Pot Still, hand-made in Germany. Chris and Brandon take Garrett through each column of the still and explain what it does to the alcohol.

Fermenting Alcohol | Sonoma Brothers

Join the Sonoma Brothers as they explain the fermentation process when making artisan spirits. Chris and Brandon Matthies walk Garrett through the process from start to finish.

How To Make a Black Manhattan | Sonoma Brothers Distilling

Garrett learns how to make a Black Manhattan from the pro mixologist, Damien, at The Geyserville Gun Club Bar and Lounge in Sonoma County, CA, using Sonoma Brothers whiskey.

What Is A Mash Bill? | Sonoma Brothers Distilling

The Sonoma Brothers explain their Mash Bill, or their list of ingredients that go into making their distilled spirits. What goes into vodka? Did you know that gin starts out as vodka, then gets distilled again with botanicals?

Sonoma Brothers Tasting At Geyserville Gun Club | Spoiled To Perfection

Garrett Martin and Damien, from The Geyserville Gun Club Bar and Lounge go through a full tasting of all of the Sonoma Brothers spirits. Damien mixes up some cocktails that are perfectly balanced.

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  1. Producer/Director: Steve Rustad

  2. Associate Producer/Unit Production Manager: Leslie Simmons

  3. Consulting Producer: Amy Vogler

  4. Director of Photography: Alan Campbell

  5. Additional Camera: Brian Cary

  6. Additional Camera: Dan Shimer

  7. Gaffer/Key Grip:: John Paussa

  8. Grip: Ryan Baustian

  9. Camera Assistant/Set Photography: James Carriere

  10. Production Assistant: Jenna Beavers

  11. Production Assistant: Noelle Gaberman

  12. Production Assistant: Nick Blancett

  13. Production Assistant: Shawntá Carpenter

  14. Audio Technician: William Mitchell

  15. Music: Sheldon Bermont

  16. Makeup: Vanessa Colombo

  17. Food Stylist/Set Design: Joanna Badano

  18. Edited by: Leslie Simmons

  19. Animation by: Chris Vandershaaf

  20. Graphics by Valerie Valdivia

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