Episode 1

Relish Culinary Adventures is a culinary event business that reflects the delicious sense of place of the Sonoma County wine country. Relish combines talented chefs, fabulous cuisine, and captivating Sonoma County locations, including the beautiful Relish Culinary Center in downtown Healdsburg, to create one-of-a-kind wine country cooking classes and parties, culinary tours and creative catered events for individuals, groups, and businesses. Our goal is to celebrate seasonal, local food and provide a fresh and inspiring learning experience for everyone at every event.

Brix Farm & Vinyard

was started by two young Healdsburg natives with a passion for agriculture and wine, along with a mutual love for Sonoma County

Jennifer Harris
Jennifer Harris

Jennifer Harris describes herself as a Bacteria Advocate and fermentation/pickling instructor. Discovering that "good bacteria" is necessary for our health, Jennifer set out on a mission to learn to preserve foods traditionally, including yogurt, sauerkraut, sour breads, pickles, wild sodas, cheese and more. As a big supporter of seasonal and local food, you can find Jennifer at farmers markets throughout the year picking up the best produce to ferment: that which is abundant and fresh! Jennifer hosts a monthly fermentation class to teach traditional fermentation techniques and is the coordinator of the annual Farm to Fermentation Festival. Read more about Jennifer and the Fermentation Festival in this Bite Club Eats post.

Production Company
shoot blue logo

Shoot Blue Productions is a Sonoma County video production company providing award winning video and television production services for the greater San Francisco Bay Area. Since 2005, Shoot Blue Productions has grown to take on a wide array of video and television productions. Whether it is a television commercial, corporate video or a broadcast reality series, they provide production and post production services from start to finish to ensure the best quality product.

Cast and Crew
  1. Producer/Director: Steve Rustad

  2. Associate Producer/Unit Production Manager: Leslie Simmons

  3. Director of Photography: Alan Campbell

  4. Additional Camera: Dan Shimer

  5. Lighting Director: John Paussa

  6. Grip: Patrick Egan

  7. Camera Assistant/Set Photography: Jeff Maloney

  8. Production Assistant: Jaime Delgado

  9. Audio Technician: Matt Bouler

  10. Makeup: Vanessa Colombo

  11. Food Stylist/Set Design: Joanna Badano

  12. Consulting Producer: Amy Vogler

  13. Music: Sheldon Bermont


Production Stills
Leslie Simmons Vanessa Colombo and Joanna laughing Inside a greenhouse with Garrett Joanna and others Steve Rustad gives direction inside greenhouse Jennifer Harris smiling with friends at table
Crew getting direction from Steve Rustad Alan Campbell filming Garrett and carrots Steve Rustad and Alan Campbell At a table with Garrett Martin and friends
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