Episode 6
5 gallon glass carboy with airlock and red wine fermenting

Make Your Own Wine
Garrett Martin and Adobe Road Winery

It's been just over a year since the first episode of Spoiled To Perfection premiered, and being that each episode is produced in Sonoma County, it was fitting to do an episode about wine! Making your own wine is easy, and who better to teach us how than our host and winemaker, Garrett Martin. Garrett has teamed up with his son, and possibly, future winemaker, Isaac, to show us how it's done!

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Extras and Bloopers

Bloopers | Episode 6 | Make Your Own Wine | Spoiled To Perfection

Check out the outtakes and bloopers from Episode 6 of Spoiled to Perfection as Garret Martin, with the help if his son Isaac, show us how to make wine at home and how wine fermentation affects flavor.

Tasting Homemade vs. Professionally-Made Wine | Spoiled To Perfection

Winemaker, and Spoiled To Perfection host, Garrett Martin invites director/producer and production manager, Stephen Rustad and Leslie Simmons to a side by side tasting of wine he made at home, and wine he makes professionally for Adobe Road Winery.

Production Company
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Shoot Blue Productions is a Sonoma County video production company providing award winning video and television production services for the greater San Francisco Bay Area. Since 2005, Shoot Blue Productions has grown to take on a wide array of video and television productions. Whether it is a television commercial, corporate video or a broadcast reality series, they provide production and post production services from start to finish to ensure the best quality product.

Cast and crew

  1. Producer/Director: Steve Rustad

  2. Associate Director: Leslie Simmons

  3. Director of Photography: Alan Campbell

  4. Camera Operator: Brian Cary

  5. Assistant Camera: Ryan Baustian

  6. Set Photography: James Carriere

  7. Production Assistant: Jenna Beavers

  8. Production Assistant: Chiara Catelli

  9. Gaffer: John Paussa

  10. Grip: Theodore Sawyer

  11. Teleprompter Operator: Patrick Egan

  12. Makeup: Vanessa Colombo

  13. Food Stylist: Joanna Badano

  14. Sound Tech: Matt Bouler

Production Stills
Isaac Martin with Spoiled to Perfection apron airlock on glass carboy with barrels in background Crewmember checking out the barrel racks at Adobe Road winery wicker wrapped jugs on shelf
pan of blueberries Garrett Martin and Isaac having fun with blueberries crew member wearing gloves with cutoff fingers. crew with cameras
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