Episode 2

All Roads Lead to Facendini Lane
Amy Vogler

"Nobody really grows apples anymore." These were the words my often crotchety, but very likeable 82-year-old Italian neighbor, Skip, barked at me when I recounted part of my morning visit with Ellen Cavalli of Tilted Shed. "There was a time I could tell ya who owned every orchard, and probably even who planted most of the god damned trees in Occidental and Sebastopol. Now, there's nothing but (expletive) grapes." (This, coming from the man who has at least one glass of wine, usually local, every night with dinner and afterwards with his biscotti.) When I told him I was going to Facendini Lane his grimace turned into a huge smile. I knew the mention of Facendini would lighten his mood from past stories he had shared with us. The lane was named for the two brothers that had lived there, who were also the father and uncle of his best friend.

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The Rained out Pairing

Ellen and Scott have a wonderful network of local purveyors and friends. So it was a given that we highlight some of them in our pairing.

Graviva! Semidry Cider

"Gravenstein [apple] sparkles in this bright, crisp cider. The refreshing acidity is balanced with a touch of sweetness and barnyard funk… This is Sonoma County heritage in a bottle."
This is the sweetest of Tilted Shed's ciders, but is far from sweet. It pairs well with just about anything, from cheeses, to oysters, to Indian Food.

- Cured salmon with fresh locally grown dill and black bread
- Weirauch Farm & Creamery's sheep's milk cheese plate; Saint Rose, Mi-Ewe, and Primo Fresco

Inclinado Sidra-Style Cider

"California twist on a Basque sidra… bottle conditioned using fresh juice… to approximate the spritz made by the traditional long pour… dry, deliciously tangy yet restrained."
This cider has a definite saline hit and pairs well with salty.

- Pan seared padron peppers with Maldon salt
- Zazu's assorted charcuterie plate; Sardegna, Sanguinacio, and Proscuito
- Zazu's Rodeo Jax, bacon caramel popcorn

Barred Rock Barrel-Aged Cider

"A savory sipper… aged… in Tennessee bourbon barrels. Heady butterscotch on the nose… clove, amaretto, and vanilla notes."
This cider is the perfect finish to a meal all on its own, but it pairs well with a variety of fruit desserts.

- Fig tart
- Assorted fresh fruits

Lost Orchard Cider

"Straw-gold, bone-dry, tannic, with notes of rose petal, lemon thyme, marzipan, dried apples, savory bitterness and long mineral finish."
This cider is exceptionally food-friendly. Pair with pork, charcuterie, oysters, Dungeness crab, salmon, aged cheeses, and hearty fare.

- Served best at 55 degrees.

January Barbecue Smoked Cider

"… smoked… apples from our farm over oak, pear, and apple wood, then fermented and aged them with a base blend of fresh-pressed Sonoma County-grown traditional cider and heirloom apples… dry, astringent, slightly austere cider with a mellow smoky finish."
Don't let smoked in this fool you. Like all of Tilted Shed's ciders, the flavors are definitely present, but balanced and subtle.

- Marcona almonds
- Homemade pickles by Joanna Badano (who also set the beautiful table) and Zazu
- Gypsy Rose's washed rind raw goat cheese
* All descriptions written by Ellen Cavalli and appear on their website.

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Cast and Crew
  1. Producer/Director: Steve Rustad

  2. Associate Producer/Unit Production Manager: Leslie Simmons

  3. Consulting Producer: Amy Vogler

  4. Director of Photography: Alan Campbell

  5. Additional Camera: Dan Shimer

  6. Gaffer/Key Grip:: John Paussa

  7. Best Boy: Corey Sceales

  8. Grip: Jaime Delgado

  9. Camera Assistant/Set Photography: Jeff Maloney

  10. Production Assistant: Jenna Beavers

  11. Production Assistant: Eli Booker

  12. Audio Technician: Matt Bouler

  13. Music: Sheldon Bermont

  14. Makeup: Vanessa Colombo

  15. Food Stylist/Set Design: Joanna Badano

  16. Edited by: Leslie Simmons

  17. Animation by: Chris Vandershaaf

  18. Graphics by Valerie Valdivia


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