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Episode 4

Flower and Bone

The Spoiled To Perfection Team heads to Flower and Bone , in Santa Rosa, CA to learn more about how this Bay Area restaurant defines preservation. Just about everything they serve in both restaurants is urban foraged and grown locally, usually gifted or traded with neighbors in the area. Owners Dalia Martinez and Jason Sakach started Flower & Bone shortly after the major success of their first restaurant in the arts district, The Naked Pig. Read More about Flower and Bone...

Extended Interview

Fermented Science

Cast + Crew
Emily and Brian

Emily & Brian:

Emily and Brian are both Sonoma County natives and fermented food and beverage enthusiasts. Emily explores and experiments with food on a regular basis, while Brian tends to favor distillation and brewing. In their spare time, Emily writes a food blog, Spoiled In Sonoma, and Brian is building a juice truck and creating content for a spirits magazine.

Jennifer Harris

Jennifer Harris:

Jennifer Harris describes herself as a Bacteria Advocate and fermentation/pickling instructor. Discovering that "good bacteria" is necessary for our health, Jennifer set out on a mission to learn to preserve foods traditionally, including yogurt, sauerkraut, sour breads, pickles, wild sodas, cheese and more.


Joanna Badano:

Joanna is a professional food stylist, top-of-her-class graduate from Le Cordon Blue, and James Beard Award scholarship winner. When she's not in the studio, she's likely at home with her two daughters, teaching them a thing or two in the kitchen. Joanna began styling for our series last year and we just had to put her in front of the camera.

Garrett Martin

Garrett Martin:

Garrett Martin is a wine-maker, father and husband who is passionate about his home turf and truly loves the people, landscape and no nonsense farm to table approach that is prevalent in our food culture today. No stranger to the world of fermentation, Garrett learns something new about food and beverage techniques in every episode.


Alan Campell Productions specializes in advertising and editorial photography and video in Northern California's wine country. Alan's strengths lie in wine, food, beer and lifestyle photography. Alan Campell has been creating beautiful images and video for more than 24 years.

Cast and Crew
  1. Director: Steve Rustad

  2. Director of Photography: Alan Campbell

  3. Producer: Emily Somple

  4. Additional Camera: Brian Cary, Dan Shimer

  5. Lighting: James Carriere, Brian Cary

  6. Grip: Nick Blancett, Jamie Delgado

  7. Set Photography/Camera Assistant: James Carriere, Jeff Maloney

  8. Production Assistant/Social Media: Rhianon Borg

  9. Script Writer: Emily Somple, Jennifer Harris

  10. Audio Technician: Matt Bouler, Brian Cary

  11. Makeup: Vanessa Colombo

  12. Art Director: Joanna Badan, Noelle Gaberman, Steve Rustad

  13. Music: Sheldon Bermont

  14. Artwork: Valerie Valdivia

  15. Animator: Chris Vanderschaaf

  16. Editor: Brian Cary

  17. Copyright 2017 Katalina Holding Co.

Production Stills
Emily And	Brian in front of Green	screen Emily And Brian in front of Green screen Alan Campbell with clapboard Joanna on set drinking kombucha
Emily And	Brian in front of Green	screen Garrett Martin with friends production photo Brian and Emily on set in front of green screen
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