Spoiled To Perfection Season 3
Season 3

Episode 2

Episode Two of this animated series explores the world of yogurt! Where did it come from? Who discovered its fermenting properties? How do different cultures around the world enjoy it?

Episode 1

In the premiere episode of Season 3, Emily Somple teaches us about the art of smoking meats and fish. Spoiled To Perfection presents a new season of Fermented Science, an animated series about the science and history behind fermentation and other food alchemy.

Cast + Crew
Emily Somple

Emily Somple is the producer for the Spoiled To Perfection series, and the writer and narrator for Fermented Science. She’s a wine country native and food and beverage enthusiast. Emily experiments with flavor on a regular basis and writes a food blog, Spoiled In Sonoma.

Original artwork created by Valerie Valdivia, whose work can be found at:

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Production Stills
Emily and Brian in front of green screen Spoiled to Perfection's film crew Girl holding clapboard Crew filming Joanna cooking
Alan Campbell Emily Somple and Brian on set Emily and Brian in front of green screen Steve Rustad and Joanna celebrating
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