Spoiled To Perfection Season 3
Season 4

Episode 1

In episode 1, we explore the method of backslopping when fermenting. This helps introduce live cultures into a new ferment!

Cast + Crew
Emily Somple

Emily Somple is the producer for the Spoiled To Perfection series, and the writer and narrator for Fermented Science. She’s a wine country native and food and beverage enthusiast. Emily experiments with flavor on a regular basis and writes a food blog, Spoiled In Sonoma.

Original artwork created by by Steve Rustad.

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Production Stills
Alan Campbell Emily Somple and Brian on set Spoiled to Perfection's film crew Crew filming Joanna cooking
Emily and Brian in front of green screen Emily and Brian in front of green screen Girl holding clapboard Steve Rustad and Joanna celebrating
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